DIY Tree Branch Removal

***Tree work can result in serious injury. If you have any doubts about doing tree work then don’t do it. Leave it to the expert Tree Surgeons.***

Removing fairly big branches from trees can be dangerous, especially when you’re up on ladders or steps. So make sure:

Don’t remove a branch with a single cut as the weight of the branch will tear and damage the trunk

Follow steps 1, 2, 3…

  1. Undercut to about half way.
  2. Saw down until the branch breaks away.
  3. You will now be left with a stub which needs to be removed. A stump left on the tree will die and bring about a fungal disease. Make a clean cut just outside the branch bark collar ridge to the main stem, branch or trunk. That way the collar will have a chance to heal over the wound!


Once you have removed your branch & stump make sure the wounded area where you have just cut is fairly smooth.